Budget on Budget

The last month Cane Tech squad has been working on a new project called GADS brought to us by Google. what we have been focusing on is the Google sheets and coding aspect. One of the things I learned was how to embed Google maps into the sheets so you can see where areas are without having to leave the sheets.  I also learned how to organize sheets to make it easier to find topics based on category.

Screenshot 2018-03-22 at 8.56.02 AM.png

GADS I believe will help me in the future to help plan and budget. Im not saying that because it was one of the topics but because it can help you plan for a trip before actually going and not freak you out over money, or it will help me decide where to move to and how far it will be away from the college I decide to go to. This project took time but it had more benefits than downsides. This is all I have to say for this project I hope you guys enjoy. You can see my work by clicking the links below!

Activities in Wilmington

iPhone comparisons


Loan amount charge 

Vacation budget


We Need Space, Maker Space

On Wednesday the 24th of January, we went to a maker space in Xenia, Ohio. The first thing we did was split into year one groups and year two. I went into a room where there wasn’t much but boxes in front of us and they told us to put together our own Raspberry Pi. For those who don’t know, I started one last year but gave up because the directions were a little unclear and hard to follow so I lost interest fairly fast. I am not sure if it was the environment or the sitiuation but I understood everything and programmed a small file to play rock, paper, scissors with you. While that doesn’t sound like much it was a lot more difficult than I imagined but it was a great experience. The man who helped us was very kind, his name was Larry when ever we got confused he was quick to help and made the transition easy never making us feel dumb like many people accidentally do.

The next thing we did was go into another room with multiple machines for any of your desires (except making t-shirts but that will be added soon). We have worked on our own works beforehand so it wouldn’t be too much work to do while we were there. I worked on a small project which I hoped to turn into a sticker. The sticker I made which I will add in a second, had a very simple design. We had to transfer our work into a Pdf and crop the background to the border of our choice. After that we moved it over to a flash drive then gave it to one of the workers where they connected it to a computer connected to a machine. I printed out 5 of my stickers 5 inches tall, The amount of work I put in compared to the price initially having to pay was unbelievable. I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some time now, now that I know the maker space is available to me at any time with a t-shirt printer being added is making me very excited to return back soon. For more information, you can click here or message me on twitter I’ll be happy to share more of my experience there!


The Time is Now

Coming up faster than ever we will be attending the maker space area. The Cane Tech Squad will be attending throughout the day to attempt to make our ideas come to life. I will be working on a vinyl cutter hoping to print out a few stickers. I will be printing out a sticker of Arnold from Hey Arnold! I chose this because at heart this is one of the shows that based our ages generation.


The only thing I will be adding to this is a thin background layer to make it easier to cut and see. Also, I will be adding a little design I have come up with onto the side of the radio to give it more character. While the picture isn’t really mine it makes me think of how it used to be when shows were not horrible and when I look at it, it brings joy. The idea of this project to me is to bring joy and little things like this I believe will bring happiness to others. I will be making this on Wednesday the 24th so until then I will be working to make it better. I’ll be back soon for more updates if you have any more questions about what I am doing feel free to Email me or message me on twitter, goodbye for now!


What is maker space? Maker space is an educational gym-like area to help people express their creativity in various forms. Our high school, Wilmington High school has a small workspace like this in our library, in the library, we have 2 3D printers that some people have access too.  The workspace provided to us at school and other maker spaces are phenomenal for either small business owners or people who would like to start their own businesses to help give them a feel if they would actually like to continue this field of work.

Cane Tech Squad will be attending a maker space in the next few weeks to work on a project of our choice. I for one am excited for this because I’ve been wanting to start my own business making t-shirts and decals of my own design. When we attend the maker space I’m hoping to work with the vinyl cutter to get a feel for how to do the things I’ve always hoped for. This field trip we will be taking will be a good step for our school. Hopefully, this helps me express how I am through a new form, for other posts follow me here on the blog or maybe on twitter here.

Lets take one Draftback


As we come to an end of our first semester this school year we have been givin’ our last blog post of 2017. For my last blog post, I will be reviewing the app Draftback. In our school, Wilmington Highschool we have recently gotten Chromebooks for every student. One of the best things about getting Chromebooks for each student is that everyone is connected. Google drive helps us work together and work on group projects or send something to our teachers. One of the problems we noticed popping up is cheating on online test’s, while this has always been a problem in school we noticed a small peak in it this semester. Draftback is a great app to see who is doing work in google doc whether its one person doing all the work or someone typing an answer than erasing it for everyone to see quickly. Watch this video before reading ahead.

images      Draftback has many good qualities I have found, on a google doc it can bring up a synopsis of who did what on the document, it can also show you if something was copied and pasted because it is a video playing everything typed. Google doc lacked being able to show if something was pasted but it could show you who typed what. The extension will also show you when something was typed so teachers can see whether it was typed over time or in just an hour before the class. Teachers can gain from this to estimate how much time to give a student on an assignment or to see who is doing the work in the group instead of handing out the papers asking if you think your partner and you worked equally. Teachers will also have to look out for if one person isn’t telling the partner what to write because they do not presently have their computer. That helps lead to the cons, you can see who is typing what which is good but not everyone has there computers charge so they tell people what to type. This will make students seem like they aren’t working but truly are. Another con would be the words that were typed sometimes get meshed together making it mess up but that doesn’t affect the end result.

Going through the reviews after I have used the app the truest one I found gave it a 3/5 rating saying “The idea is great and I had no trouble getting it to do what it says it will do. It does not show tables in Docs. I.e. the finished product is not the end result of what you see after using the extension. One serious issue I have with the extension is that sometimes things are deleted for a reason. This gives OTHER people the ability to see what you deleted in a shared Doc. Very big-brother. So watch what you type all the time if the doc is shared” the app has few to little problems but like this person said it can be viewed as a big brother who is just trying to help. A review I found from a teacher said “being able to watch students write is extremely helpful in trying to understand what they are trying to communicate…especially in foreign languages. Makes plagiarism much more time consuming at least…and obvious to students!” Teachers will benefit more from this app than students will unless the students want to divide the work up evenly. I rate the app a 5/5 if teachers or students want any help you can reach me in 2nd-period tech squad or Email me at Troy.Oates@wilmington.k12.oh.us Feel free to email me anytime for any help!

Project of a lifetime or 2nd period

The last 2 weeks Nyla and I have been working on Arduino. Arduino is teaching us how to use Soldering tools to add a coding to be able to influence the lights as we wish. The start of the project we got out the breadboard and the Arduino Uno to hook up the wires and make the lights blink. We had to learn where to put the wires to make the light blink. Here is what our project look like when we added a Potentiometer to be able to turn up and down the light brightness. 102617111

in the picture by the light, you can see the resistors, the resistors make it so the light doesn’t get overcharged and blow. After we added the potentiometer we took it all apart to solder the wires. We soldered the wires because we were adding a code to make the lights blink as we want. This is it for my blog, make sure to follow me on twitter just click twitter!


Man, its been awhile. I’ve been busy lately in Cane Tech Squad, we’ve been working on tree house once again trying to increase our coding skills. Personally for me I like Web Design better than ruby so I have been working a lot harder on this. I hope to get a real website up in the future but for my brand of clothing that I am starting. That’s another thing I’ve been working on. I’ve been working on designing clothes for a brand I created called Walking On Air or WOA for short.


Also in Cane Tech Squad we have had a lot of people checking out loaners. On Monday I checked out over 10 loaners and had to put a wait on charging all of the chrome books because we had so many. That isn’t good. We need to make sure we keep our chrome books charged so we can avoid this problem! Also make sure you follow my twitter for more updates click Twitter to be taken to it!

Honey wheres my Raspberry Pi

Progression has been made, believe me progression has been made. I’ve been working on setting up the camera which I know now the camera does but the real question is how to set it up… Which I also figured out.


The tough part I’ve learned for me is coding but it probably was because I was using the wrong coding system. In retrospect I should of realized whoops. I plan on having the photo booth complete by the 20th in time for the Maker Fraire in Dayton, ohio. While I do not plan on attending it because I have work in that day I will have my project done by then for it.