Honey wheres my Raspberry Pi

Progression has been made, believe me progression has been made. I’ve been working on setting up the camera which I know now the camera does but the real question is how to set it up… Which I also figured out.


The tough part I’ve learned for me is coding but it probably was because I was using the wrong coding system. In retrospect I should of realized whoops. I plan on having the photo booth complete by the 20th in time for the Maker Fraire in Dayton, ohio. While I do not plan on attending it because I have work in that day I will have my project done by then for it.

Instruct The Instructables

I’ve been following up on Rasberry Pi reading over the course and what not .I have completed reading some but not everything yet, but I will complete it this week. I still want to make the Pi itself. The concept of the Rasberry Pi intrigues me, I want to expand my understanding to help me decide if its what I like doing.

Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 2.55.22 PM

With Rasberry Pi our finish product will be making a photobooth from the skills we will acquire through this process. The skills we will acquire will be Python (named after monty python), and other basic coding skills. The Photobooth will operate and act like a normal one. The school has provided for all the materials I needed for the Rasberry Pi. And when it all comes to the end of the day Wilmington Tech Squad will always be there to help.

week update



This week at Wilmington high school we have the air testing. while this is an important testing week its also tech week for people in Godspell who has a show tonight Friday March 17th, Saturday March 18th, and Sunday March 19th. Godspell being preformed by high school students, is a great show to watch as I’ve heard. I can say they cast put a lot of effort in to making this show as I am part of it. They’ve worked every night on it. At the tech desk we have not had many people come get loners cause of testing going on. As a reminder all students are required to charge their personal chrome book for testing. We are not handing out loners this week. Also at tech desk we’ve been working more on ruby soon we will be finishing it and have completed are first course. This is Troy Oates from Cane Tech Squad have a nice day.

Pi Anyone?


For this week I was told to look at a few technology pieces. At first I had no idea what to do. Then, I came across Rasberry Pi. Rasberry Pi is a small device with big possibilities. I chose it because you can do so much with it and I would love to learn how it all works and just dig deeper into technology. The most background knowledge I have with this is dealing with Ruby coding system while this may not help me at all in this I’ll still get the chance to learn another coding. I think Rasberry Pi will help me in the future and help me decide if technology is truly something I would like to go to college about. The tools needed are

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Cast Google Cast


Google cast made to you by Google is a great way for teachers or students to work together. A teacher can set up google cast with their computer that is connected to a projector and have the student cast to their chrome book and it’ll appear on the board! The process of setting up is complicated at first but as soon as you figure out one part it becomes simple. The computer you want to have the other persons screen on will have to download Google Cast education. With google cast you will share by email and the other person will go to cast all ready downloaded on to the computer. He will click the server he is trying to reach and the person with Google cast education will accept his offer. After he accepts the other person computer will appear on his screen. If a school does this itll make it easier for teachers to have class room presentations. Google cast will help everyone in the long run making me rate this app 8/10.

Technology for the weak?

Do you think going without technology for a week would be positive or negative?


Personally I think going week without technology would be a negative experience. I think it would be negative because I grew up with technology it became part of my daily routine to just sit down and use the internet or text people. I think for a day or two would be okay with out technology but after three I would give in and be weak. Everyone has one guilty pleasure mine happens to be Netflix. I couldn’t go a week without it and now that I’m saying that i feel really bad but its true. In today day and age i would have a negative effect.

If the whole world except for North Korea of course (Joke!1!11!!) went with out technology for a week I think it would have a positive outcome because the pollution would die down for a week and it would clear up some smog states, the air would feel better and the people will feel connected more to the earth because they have to walk everywhere. I feel if the whole world stops using tech then it would have a healthy benefit but personally if i stopped  for a week it’d would be negative.


Good evening! My name is Troy Oates and I have been told to help figure out what to do with our technology grant to help improve our school to get everyone involved into technology because to me it is an important life skill. I think one of the most important things to change is to add a new class where students that excel at computers can be there to help anyone in need of it. With that class being added we will need a small portion of money to go to a teacher unless a old teacher like say the librarian would like to be in charge of the class. Another $106260 can go to 660 Chromebook 11’s by HP. The 600 will be for students but they will have to pay a fee to be able to use them for the year. The fee would be $50 a year. The extra 30 chromebooks we have will be called loners for the students that for get to charge the chromebooks so they can check it out to use for the day. Another $20160 Will go toward cases to keep the chromebooks safe for students to carry around. The casses can help prevent the fear of students ruining the chromebooks they take home. Also the chromebooks being given to them can help them be able to do work at home even without internet because of the option on Google Drive to work offline. Then you will have little over $70000 left over can be left for miscellaneous materials throughout the year the tech teacher thinks best fit the class. The miscellaneous things can help improve the tech squad by helping them Learn say how to code on Treehouse.com or maybe give them materials to help them learn how to fix chromebooks if they are broken.

Weekly review

This week (and last) in the tech squad we have been making some improvements to the tech squad area. The area we have has now upgraded the personal computer to give us a little more character. Also we held a jeopardy game where Parker G. 300x300

This guy ^ won. Many people tuned  in to play jeopardy in the WHS Library. That was our week thanking for reading!

Update on our week

screenshot-2016-11-11-at-1-24-41-pm          This week in the tech squad we worked on a little bit of ruby on tree house to be able to make apps for the people which I hope to do. We have been assigned this week to work on tree house and all week we’ve been helping people out with charging their chrome book and giving them loners like always. Personally I have seen an increase amount of people needing to charge their chrome book. We have been running out of loners through out the week. I understand forgetting to charge I have done it myself and had to charge it here but I think its time we push everyone to charge their chrome books nightly or every other night because I have noticed if you charge it too much your charge gets worse and worse. Originally my chrome book charge lasted a week but now it lasts 2 days at most if we don’t use it in every class but if we do it lasts one school day.  Cane Tech Squad has been improving everyday and will continue improving

Avatar review! And no not the movie.



I created this avatar of myself (Sadly hair not right). The website  has many different face sizes and hair, noses and just facial features. The site can help create your self or you can just goof off and make a dumb person like I spent doing the first 10 minuets of class.

I would recommend this website if you wanted to goof off in class but other than that the website will not come in handy i give it a 6.7/10.